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About Us

The Woodlake Fire Protection District was established February 11, 1924 with the formation of the District.  Like nearly all organized fire services of that time, it was made up of volunteers from the community.  Woodlake’s volunteer fire service continued to evolve and existed as the source of fire protection to the community for many years. 

Due to the rapid growth of the City and increasing demand for public safety services, the Fire District began employing its first dedicated full-time staffing in the 1970’s to better meet the needs of the growing community. The paid staff is supplemented by volunteer firefighters.

Today the Woodlake Fire Protection District strives to maintain an adequate staffing level to meet the needs of the community. We are committed to our community, and to providing exceptional customer service. The District covers roughly 2.9 square miles with a population of approximately 7,769 residents.

The Woodlake Fire Protection District responds to various emergency and non-emergency incidents including, but not limited to, all types of fire; medical emergencies; public assists and hazardous situations. In addition to fighting fires, the district attempts to prevent fires before they occur by providing educational outreach to people of all ages within the community and Fire Prevention services.